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from Shakespeare to Sherlock

Specialized in television drama; single and series but experienced in feature films, comedy drama, animation (Model and cell), documentary and multi-camera sitcom. I have had the privilege of working with some extremely talent producers, writers and directors including Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Chris Chibnall, Toby Whitehouse, Neil Gaiman, Rachel Talalay and Ben Wheatley to name a few. As you will divine from the rather too long list, my cv covers everything from Shakespeare to Sci-Fi; procedural police series to comedy; swashbucklers to domestic drama. Additional experience includes a significant in depth knowledge of CGI and other computer effects which have become a useful tool for all film makers. But “The play is the thing…”, and many of my films have been critically well received. See the awards section.

Coming originally from a “real” film editing skill base it was easy to migrate to the non-linear world of Avid and Lightworks using my computer science background. On the VFX side I also have a working knowledge of Lightwave 3D modeling, After Effects and Vue Infinite Landscape modeling. In the past I’ve also designed and programmed a motion control/rostrum camera rig for BBC Wales and for a number of documentaries also created the digital rostrum camera work. However “never a technical editor be…” all these skills are used to tell stories with performance, staging and script analysis always at the forefront of ones mind.

Visiting Lecturer The National Film and Television School and Falmouth University Department of Film and Television

Contact: willoswaldfilm@hotmail.com

Agent: Jessica Carney Associates - Email: info@jcarneyassociates.co.uk